Why is it better to get a pet sitter when I could just ask a neighbour or friend to drop by

A neighbour/friend is likely to see feeding your pets as a favour rather than a paid commitment and responsibility – so even if they are sure they can fulfil the task, schedules can fluctuate from day to day and plans can change. In contrast a professional pet sitter is legally responsible to offer safe and reliable care. All The Cats also has insurance and protocols in place to deal with unforeseen circumstances and emergencies.

Which Suburbs of North Shore do you service?

We service the following: North Shore suburbs: Glenfield, Beach Haven, Birkenhead, Northcote, Northcote Point, Unsworth Heights, Greenhithe, Takapuna, Bayview, Forrest Hill.

What is a meet and greet?

A meet and greet is where one of the All The Cats team comes to your home prior to the booking to meet you and your cat/s. This is where you can discuss the needs of your cat and provide instructions to our cat sitter. Our team member will also gather important information about your cat such as pre-existing health conditions and which veterinarian you use.

Can I trust you in my home?

Yes. Every member of the All The Cats team has gone through a thorough screening process, including a NZ Police Check. ​ Some pet sitting companies use cars and vans with cat sitting signage and logos boldly displayed on the vehicle. All the Cats do not do this as it can alert people to your absence!

Is it better for my cat to stay at home instead of staying than boarding at a Cattery?

Yes. Cats always feel safest in the comfort of their own home and environment. Boarding can be extremely stressful for your cat, not to mention costly if you have multiple pets. Your cat/s will thank you for not having to experience the trauma of travel, the restrictions of cages and the possible exposure to parasites or transferable diseases that they may be exposed to with boarding.. Not only will your cat/s be happier at home, you can rest easier knowing that there is a pet sitter checking on your house while you are away.

How will I know if my cat is ok while I am away?

We are happy to text or email updates to clients whilst they are away. We will contact you if we have questions or if your cat has become ill or is injured.

Will I have the same Pet Sitter every visit?

We believe in creating bonds. It is our goal to create a special relationship between cat sitter, you and your pets. So yes, you will always have the same cat sitter, however in the case of an emergency or if your pet minder is not available, another pet sitter will step in and you will get the chance to either speak to or meet.

What happens if there is an emergency with my cat?

You will be alerted and your cat will be taken to your vet if necessary. If we are unable to contact you we will ensure your cat receives the medical treatment it requires (at the owners cost - transport and veterinarian fees) as stated in All The Cats Terms and Conditions *

Do you only look after cats?

Cats are our main focus, however we are happy to feed additional pets such as fish, birds, rabbits, guinea pigs etc

What is a vet taxi?

All the Cats Vet Taxi is a local pet transportation service. We pick up, drop off your pets at your veterinarian and can stay for the consult if required.

I will not be home at pick up / drop off time for my pet - can All The Cats Vet Taxi enter my home for my pet?

If you are unable to be home for the pick up or drop off, we can make arrangements to gain access to your property so you don't have be there.


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