About the owner of All The Cats

My name is Janelle and I am a lifelong cat lover and whisperer. 

I have eight years experience as a cat sitter and I am dedicated to ensuring the wellbeing of your cat and security of your home while you are away.

I am certified in pet first aid and I have been a volunteer for cat rescue charities for the last four years - during this time I have fed a local colony, trapped stray cats, fostered and transported kittens for de-sexing and to foster homes.  I have four fur babies of my own called Darla, Millie, Winkie and Bikkie

​I want 'all the cats' to be healthy and happy in forever homes. So, I am donating $1 per cat minding visit, vet taxi trip and cat nip purchase to Mangawhai's Helping Paws rescue - I am proud to support this organisation’s incredible and tireless work helping cats and kittens find homes over the Northland and Auckland areas

Find out more about Mangawhai's Helping Paws at https://www.facebook.com/groups/mangawhaishelpingpaws/

My Cats


Bikkie is the last cat to join the household. She turned up as a hungry stray about two years ago. I started feeding her because I can’t bear seeing a hungry kitty.

She was instantly affectionate with an easy purr but it took her some time to feel confident about eating in the house. Quite often if I or my partner walked past her, she would instinctively run out the cat door. Her behavior made me think that she had been a stray for a while and was used to being shooed out when caught stealing some other cats' food.

I also believe she’d been living around our house for some time because my cats seemed very used to her presence and there was little territorial dispute. I advertised her photo on all the missing cat and community online platforms and took her to the vet to see if she was microchipped but no joy.

Because she had finally gained some confidence and was now sleeping inside at night I didn’t have the heart to rehome her -she was happy. She still sleeps under the house during the day and won’t dare to venture upstairs, but she now has her forever home.


Winkie is our little girl. Very sensitive in nature, she can get really upset if she hears strange noises or encounters a neighbors cat.

She’s also very quirky in her likes and dislikes. She loves being the center of attention and seems to seek reassurance in pats.

Winkie is a terrible hunter!!! Her prey of choice seems to be that which has no wings or legs, i.e.: worms!!! She will bring in a worm and then growl at me and/or the other cats to stay away  :D!


Millie was a rescue that my sister adopted, thinking that a new baby and kitten at the same time would be a good mix! Keen for another furry baby I added Millie to my household. Darla wasn’t super keen at first but eventually they learnt to ‘accommodate’ each other. Millie was a very sensitive young cat but as she’s grown older she’s become more confident and often reminds my other cats that she's a top cat. She’s independent, an incredible ratter and loves the outdoors.


Darla is my eldest, she was given to me as a birthday present (the best present ever!!!) when I was studying in Melbourne. Before she was a year old I decided to move back to New Zealand.

Darla handled the journey like a trouper and was completely unfazed by her new surroundings.

I’m pretty sure she’s part ragdoll because of her lush soft fur and chilled demeanor - she really loves her mummy (purring as soon as I’m in close proximity) and her penchant for tummy rubs knows no bounds.


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Janelle was great! A pleasure to deal with (even when I mucked up the dates) and totally reliable. Wouldn't hesitate to recommend

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