About the owner of All The Cats

My name is Janelle and I am a lifelong cat lover and whisperer. 

I have nine years experience as a cat sitter and I am dedicated to ensuring the wellbeing of your cat and security of your home while you are away.

I am certified in pet first aid and I have been a volunteer for cat rescue charities for the last five years - during this time I have fed a local colony, trapped stray cats, fostered and transported kittens for de-sexing and to foster homes.  I have four fur babies of my own called Millie, Winkie, Pussy Willow (Willow for short) and Cricket.

​I want 'all the cats' to be healthy and happy in forever homes. So All The Cats makes an annual donation to Mangawhai's Helping Paws rescue - I am proud to support this organisation’s incredible and tireless work helping cats and kittens find homes over the Northland and Auckland areas

Find out more about Mangawhai's Helping Paws at https://www.facebook.com/groups/mangawhaishelpingpaws/

My Cats


Cricket is the last cat to join the household. I adopted her earlier this year when she was a just teeny tiny kitten.

She was instantly affectionate with an easy purr. Right from the start Cricket liked a lot of tactile reassurance, often stopping play to check in for a wee pat before off she go for some more fun.

Willow was not sure of our new addition at first but once she realised they could play together they became firm friends. Theres a lot of wrestling, chasing, cuddling and grooming that goes on between them which is super cute!


Winkie is our little girl. Very sensitive in nature, she can get really upset if she hears strange noises or encounters a neighbor's cat.

She’s also very quirky in her likes and dislikes. She loves being the center of attention and often lies on her back with tummy out - which is very tempting to touch but this is stictly not allowed! Winkie also demands running water to drink, so the nightly routine is to pop her on the bathroom sink for water out of the tap.

Winkie is a terrible hunter!!! Her prey of choice seems to be that which has no wings or legs, i.e.: worms!!! She will bring in a worm and then growl at me and/or the other cats to stay away  :D!


Millie was a rescue that my sister adopted, thinking that a new baby and kitten at the same time would be a good mix! Keen for another furry baby I added Millie to my household. Millie was a very sensitive young cat but as she’s grown older she’s become more confident and often reminds my other cats that she's a top cat. She’s independent, an incredible ratter and loves the outdoors.


Pussy Willow is my baby and I am her slave! Her personality is a force of nature and she always knows what she wants. Willow is very food motivated and has been caught stealing a piece of steak off a plate before so we have to be on guard at dinner time. She also loves bringing in crickets and Borer beetles on mass!!! Although the second youngest in my colony she knows how to assert herself within the hierarchy - often treating Winkie to an 'loving' headlock when least expected.... Despite her impressively fierce spirit she gives the absolute best cuddles ever :)


What our Happy Clients have to say

Janelle was fantastic with our cats! She looked after them on and off for about a month and we couldn't be happier with her service. Communication was excellent with regular updates. We highly recommend Janelle and would not hesitate to book her again.

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