Cat Feeding Services

($1 per visit is donated to Gutter Kitties cat rescue charity)

​At-home cat sitting

Cats are territorial animals and creatures of habit, for them there is no place like home. Getting a pet sitter means your cat gets the care and attention it needs - all the while remaining in its usual surroundings without disruption to normal routines (particularly important for very sensitive/shy cats). 

Home Security

By providing regular visits to your pet, the

All The Cats team are also able to offer extra home security while you're are away- checking on the property and making it look lived in through small measures eg putting out the rubbish, turning on/off lights, opening/closing curtains and collecting the mail.

Kitty Care - One visit per day $21 Two visits per day $36 

Service includes ;

- providing food and fresh water

- pats, cuddles and brushing time for your cat

- Flea treatment/worming and administering medicines

Deluxe Kitty Care - One visit per day $26  Two visits per day $44    

Services as above, with the addition of ;

- Kitty Litter clean

- Home security measures: collecting mail, opening/closing      the curtains, turning on/off lights

- putting out/bringing in rubbish bins

- Watering plants

Other Animals

While All The Cats specializes in cat sitting, we also have experience in caring for small animals such as birds, guinea pigs and fish. Just let us know what you require and we’ll make sure your companions are well looked after.

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